Wednesday, August 5, 2009

major projects: roof, deck, yard

We've been busy working on the house, but don't have much to show for it. Applying coat after coat of primer over pink floors and trim takes time, but doesn't make exciting pictures. The new washer and dryer will be delivered next Thursday, so we'll get two coats of green on the walls in the laundry room this weekend. 
We bought a dehumidifier for the basement. 98% humidity when we turned it on; soon it'll start raining down there. Running it day and night, we've got the humidity down to around 85%. Moisture will definitely be our nemesis in this house. 
Before we get too involved in updating the aesthetics of the house, a few structural projects have to be completed. At the end of the month, we're having the roof replaced. The current shingles are wavy, in places the sheathing is pulling away from the house, and in one section there's a mystery bubble. 

Along with the roof, we're replacing the deck. The current deck is moldy and letting water into the basement, rotting the big tree trunk that holds up the dining room. Instead of pressure treated wood, we're going with cedar. The stairs to the yard will be beside the house, making it easier to let the dogs out in winter. 
We've got a patch of invasive Japanese Knotweed in the backyard. I don't mind a little patch of shrubs, but I don't want it taking over the whole yard. We're both new to lawn care. Our new manual lawn mower did an admirable job on the grass, with no gasoline, but it couldn't cut through the knotweed. We bought a propane powered weed whacker, but haven't tried it yet. Our neighbor generously came by with his power mower and sliced the weeds  down to their stubs. We're thinking about covering this patch with a tarp, and since it's a low spot filling it in with soil and eventually grass seed.  

We haven't yet addressed the home's shoddy insulation or rotted front door. Hopefully we have the time and resources to work on them before winter. It's a major fixer-upper. 
On the bright side, here are a few details of the house we really like:
This ridiculous built-in dresser in the guest bedroom.
A claw-foot tub with toes!
Old-fashioned sinks (that need a good scrub and polish).
Wooden bannister along the stairs.
We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Pictures of repainted rooms next week.