Thursday, October 1, 2009


The custom-built counters in the small kitchen were not designed to accept a dishwasher; too shallow for a full-sized dishwasher, and with such limited cupboard space that ceding any more than absolutely necessary to built-in appliances would leave us nowhere to keep our kitchen stuff. So after a great deal of research, we settled on a small, 18" dishwasher that would fit naturally in the portion of the counter that juts out into the middle of the kitchen--replacing one drawer and one cupboard door, without extending halfway into the neighboring drawer and door, obviating the need to rebuild the trim, and the remaining drawer into a narrower one:
While a larger dishwasher would have been more useful given the great number of dirty dishes that we daily produce, this will work for now. We really cannot live without a dishwasher, and thankfully avoided having to remodel the entire kitchen to get one. The kitchen layout is quaint but awkward; someday (low priority) a complete overhaul may be in order, at which time we can get an industrial-sized dishwasher.