Thursday, October 1, 2009


The custom-built counters in the small kitchen were not designed to accept a dishwasher; too shallow for a full-sized dishwasher, and with such limited cupboard space that ceding any more than absolutely necessary to built-in appliances would leave us nowhere to keep our kitchen stuff. So after a great deal of research, we settled on a small, 18" dishwasher that would fit naturally in the portion of the counter that juts out into the middle of the kitchen--replacing one drawer and one cupboard door, without extending halfway into the neighboring drawer and door, obviating the need to rebuild the trim, and the remaining drawer into a narrower one:
While a larger dishwasher would have been more useful given the great number of dirty dishes that we daily produce, this will work for now. We really cannot live without a dishwasher, and thankfully avoided having to remodel the entire kitchen to get one. The kitchen layout is quaint but awkward; someday (low priority) a complete overhaul may be in order, at which time we can get an industrial-sized dishwasher.


Laloofah October 5, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

I'm enjoying this blog as much as I am Mitten Machen! Kudos to you guys for buying an old house and restoring it. Daunting and often frustrating as it can be, it's so rewarding to see the transformations. My folks bought and fixed up a 150-year old farmhouse (and huge barn) in Kennebunk when I was in high school/college. (And my husband and I fixed up our 100-year old farmhouse in Abilene, TX, so I feel your pain and your sense of accomplishment!) :-)

I love your dishwasher, had no idea they made them in anything but standard size! And your new deck is beautiful. You have been working hard on so many things, I don't know how you do it all! (Yeah I do, vegan energy and the advantage of YOUTH! LOL!)

Ever thought of having This Old House come help you out? (I've always wondered how people manage to have the TOH crew come do most of the work for them!)

Good luck with everything, and enjoy the fruits of all your labors, in and out of the kitchen!